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 Vietnam Vet Radio is an internet only non-profit radio station dedicated to the men and women who served in the Vietnam War and their families and friends. With a few exceptions all the songs played are from the Vietnam War era. We also play the authentic jingles and public service announcements that were played on AFVN (American Forces Vietnam Network) Radio.

While Vietnam Vet Radio is neither political or religious it is most certainly a pro-America and pro-military radio station that acknowledges that we are a blessed people. No anti-war rhetoric or anti-war songs.

Please contact us with suggestions on how Vietnam Vet Radio can better serve you.

Welcome Home!

Bennie P. Blount
SFC, US Army, Retired
Chu Lai 1969, Long Binh 1970, Vung Tau 1971-72




  • Bennie,
    What a magnificent feat on your behalf, I am blown away… One and “Awakeey” and I hit that ” Listen Live” button again…

    Barry – WO1 Rtd
    Australian Regular Army

  • This music sure dose bring back my time in Vietnam 1969 & 1970 first with the 518th at Phan Thiet & Vung Tau with the 388th choppers

    • Thank you, brother! 509th RRG (ASA), RRCU-V, Davis Station, 72B, Jan – Dec ’68; saw first Tan Son Nhut TET shots when coming out of hooch before going on duty at Comm Center. They were tracers following a 707 that had just taken off. The plane tilted sharply away while pulling up from the tracers. ASAers should find/join National ASA Assn. Three other orgs. are the Davis Station group, Old Spooks and Spies, and the Tan Son Nhut Assn.

  • Great music!! I was at Cam Rahn Bay RVN Jan 1966 to Oct 1966. 12th TFW, F4-Cs.

  • I just received your URL overnight and have been listening for quite a while this afternoon. I’ll save it as a favorite and share it with my Viet Nam acquaintances, vet organizations, family and friends. Thanks for this service you are providing us.

    Those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it. Long live rock ‘n roll.

    72B20D1, Communication Center Specialist
    Radio Research Communications Unit Vietnam (Aug ’68 – Oct ’70)
    U.S. Army Security Agency Communications Unit Philippines (Oct ’70 – Aug ’71)

  • great site, lots of memories.
    2/69 2/70

  • Great site… 7 years Army (68-75).. 2 1/2 consecutive years on the ground in III Corp SVN with IIFFV Artillery ( 8th 25th TAB and D battery 5/2 and D-71st Quads and Dusters). Sometimes all the real home company was a battery powered portable radio sending out the tunes. Always packed extra batteries for those nights in our bunker or around our firebases. It was amazing how much a 1.5volt battery was really worth. Thanks…. Vietnam was 44 years ago and sometimes…. just last night. Welcome all my Brothers and Sisters….. no matter which war/conflict/police action… oh hell…. WAR!!!! all be well…. and watch for the final “signal light” to all be together again.

  • Great site. I listen to you everything I am on the computer now. Living in Austin, Texas after 20 years in the USAF. I was deployed to Saigon in 1964, then back and forth from Shaw to Udorn and back to Saigon. I was photo recon with the 20th TAC. Left for good in June 1966 headed for France just in time to close it down.

  • !75th RRC ……………….. Nov. 67-Nov. 68 June 69-Jan. 71 (30 months of AFVN in my veins and lovin all this music of my stolen youth)

  • Great website, really enjoyed it.

  • USMC: 12/8/67 – 12/29/68, Da Nang, Hue, Dong Ha, Quang Tri, Cua Viet.
    One of the lucky ones! Still can’t get past some of the horrors there.
    My VFW, AL, & ALR buddies are a Godsend for me.
    I can definitely appreciate Gary Cross’ feelings.
    Keep up the good tunes.
    Semper Fi

  • Khe Sanh in 19 70 12 signal Helicopters Uh1h station in Da Nang,,,, now in C C TEX 361-933-1008

  • Wasn’t sent to Nam. Made it up to 7th Artillery Group, Thule, Greenland. I was assigned as a motor pool dispatcher. I spent my remaining time at the 31st Artillery, Pittsburgh Air Defense, as a chopper mechanic. We had a great commander in chief back then, J.F. K. Thanks much for the tunes that fly my memory back.

  • Hue MACV Advisory Team 3, 1967, Supply Sergeant and Bartender in club. This is better than our club jukebox.

  • John Bachor, sp4, 36th Engr Bn. 20th Engr Bn. Vungtau 67-68. There is a lot of us that has died from Agent Orange. I have it, many of my friends have it also. I designed the metal and the Monument that is located on Long Island, in Eisenhower Memorial Park. We plan to integrate a Memorial Brick Garden, and we would like to build many more Monuments across our Nation. Facebook. agentorangeawareness Tell us what you think.

  • Best site on the internet. Listening most of the day, great music.
    USS Ranger on board with RVAH-5 72-73 Tonkin Gulf

    • Not in Vietnam, But on USS Shangri-la and USS Lexington from1961 – 1965 Navy – Nuclear Weapons Great Radio and Great Listening. Thank you….

  • David THOMPSON

    I served in III Corps 68-69 as an Aussie Tanker in Phuoc Tuy Province. Great Music. Together then, together again. God Bless to all Vets and their families.

  • Danang 65-65. Those Boots Are made for walking and Ma Ma Sang base was always being played the club Juke boxes, they were both reverse side hits. Nancy Sinatra and Jonny Cash. Gun ships would fly at night attact enemy sites 1 C-123 had loud speakers they would play Rock And Rolls songs . At times we would listen to Hanoi Sally? she would always say we were losing the war. I have a recording of her.

    • Edgar, I believe it was Hanoi “Hanna”…at least that’s what we called her in 1966 out of An Khe. She would read over air the names and ages of the casualties, straight from Stars and Stripes I believe.

  • Listening to your station live right now from Monroe, Louisiana. It’s great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Norm "Frenchy" LaFountaine

      One of the greatest helicopter Marines in history, lives up near Monroe!

      Look up MGYSGT “Willie” Sproule….tell him Frenchy sent ya…..and
      tell him to listen to VIETNAMVETRADIO !

      Semper Fly!

      RVN ’68 & ’69

  • I flew gunships for the `173rd AHC Lia Khe and always had the ADF radio tuned in to AFRVN Siagon which played all these songs.

  • A1C Medic with 377th Combat Support Group Dispensary/Aerovac, USAF, Tan Son Nhut AB, Saigon (next to theater and across from Army heliport on edge of base). Feb 69 – Feb 70. Spent first few weeks in Aerovac unit and then ER as tech and ambulance driver (EMT) and lastly in sterile supply.

    Worked as bar back at NCO club part time for a while and went out with Security Police perimeter patrols at night for some period of time, having gone through most of SP school before sent to medical tech school. I beat my SP classmates to Saigon by several months.

    I’ve got reel to reel tapes of armed services radio broadcasts and, because of proximity to two radar sites on TSN, there are constant, regular “blips” on recordings.

  • Was with 100th Engineer Co. (Float Bridge) and then 79th Engineer Co. (Provisional Bridge) which was formed by merging the 100th FB and the 500th Panel Bridge Co. in late 1969. I was a Bridge Boat Operator and was farmed out to any outfit in need of a boat. Spent time with 523rd PC Co., 41st PC Co, 86th Cmbt Bn., 36th Cmbt Bn Vinh, among others. Tan An, Ben Luc, Vinh Long, Dong Nai, Go Dau Ha, Phu Cuong, Binh Loi, all over. Was “in country” from May,1969 – April 1970. Would love to here from old buddies. GREAT SITE!! THANK YOU!!!

    • Great site, sounds just like AFVN. Was in ASA, 330th RRFS, Nha Trang 71-March 72. 175th RRFS, Bien Hoa April 72-Oct 72, MACV 509th RRFS, Davis Station, Saigon until it ended March, 1973

  • Great site and thank you for bringing the best music the world has ever produced to a site where we all love it. Served in the OZ army for 13 years and in country with HQ First Australian Task Force and then A Squadron 3rd Cavalry Regiment in 66/67.

  • Great music and site. Was in Tay Ninh and Dian with the 187th AHC, 1st Avn Bde, Apr70- Feb 72.

  • Bennie – Where were you in Long Bien? Where you near the 295th Security Guard (MP) Co. ?

  • Love the music! Great idea and great work you are doing. I shared my little website that captures a year out of my life in Ubon Thailand 6/65 – 6/66,

    Gob Bless and keep up the good work! Welcome Home Brother!

  • great reminders 68-69 wolfhounds 1/27

  • I remember well dragging a transistor radio around the Cu Chi/Tay Ninh area, attached to one of the large 9 volt batteries. A little “Chicken Man” once in a while would be a welcome addition.

    RVN 1968-’69

    372nd Radio Research Company (PRD1)
    175th Radio Research Field Station

  • Great music, much appreciated. I host a facebook page for agent orange survivors http://www.facebook.com/groups/aosurvivors. Stop by some time. Long Binh, Cadre 90th Repl Bn 67-68, TET 68 64th QM Bn. Retired CWO in 1987. Would be interested to know if this could be integrated with talk show I host.
    Welcome home brothers and sisters.

  • Great music, spending some time with the guys of that time in music, what a way to remember who we were.
    Thanks and welcome home everyone!
    Corpsman, Fox 2/5 1st MarDiv, An Hoa, 68-69

    • I was with 81’s at An Hoa in 68-69. Most of the time spent out in the Arizona.

      • Norm "Frenchy" LaFountaine

        Was with you at 1500’…COMPRISE GUNS Escort for

        Semper Fi!

        Frenchy….Crew Chief TV-3 Marble Mtn.

  • John W. Elliott Jr. (Jack)

    Thank you for this wonderful site. Proudly served U.S. Air Force, 12th Tactical Fighter Wing, Cam Ranh Bay 14 Dec, 1967 to 15 Dec 1968. Assistant crew chief F-4C 64-0604. Thanks for the memories.

  • Bob Parham (Ohio)

    Thanks for setting up such a great site! Sgt. UH-1 Crew Chief, USMC, HML-167, MAG-16, 1ST MAW, Marble Mountain RVN 1969-70.

  • Thanks for the effort in setting this up.
    Army Security Agency (My recruiter said ASA didn’t go to Vietnam! I need to talk with him about that . . . turns out they just changed our unit designation.)
    175th RRFS (Radio Research Field Station), Bien Hoa 1972.

    • Was your neighbor down at TSN. Used to often hear how you guys got rocketed all night. We rarely were since we were more a supply base and you were tactical.

      • Definitely took some rockets. Seemed like most of them passed overhead on their way to the Bien Hoa Air Base where they could do some damage on the flight line.

  • John David Floyd

    Great to listen & read comments here. H Co Rangers 75th INF Camp Bearcat/Bien Hoa ’71-’72. Are there any other “shake & bakes” out there?

  • FOX CO. 2/9 67-68 LEATHER NECK SQ.


    A-Co.1st batt,9th marines, 3rd mar div, I corp the rock pile cam lo dmz area 68-69 love the music

    • Welcome home Millard. I was scheduled to go with Alpha Co. 1/9 in Oct. ’68 The powers that be at the time put me with Charlie Co. 1/3 instead. A great group of Marines and I was happy to have served as their corpsman. I now have a question. Did you have a corpsman named George Navy serve in you Co.? He and I served together at USNH San Diego before we received our orders to RVN. I have checked 1/9 Association sites, 3rd Mar. Div. Association and everywhere on the web I can think of. Just thought I’d ask. Hope is well with you and Semper Fi.

    • my brother was in b co, 1/9, 3rd marine div 67-68. could have over lapped. he didn’t speak about it too much except when our neighbor was killed there on dec 7, 1970. he mentioned the rock pile among other places. his name was Bernie Kappen. wish he were stil here.

  • Thanks for the memories.
    Mekong delta, Cam Ranh Bay, Chu Lai, DaNang
    We had R & R on China Beach where there is a luxury resort hotel now.
    USMC, 1st Tank Bn., H&S Co. 66-67

    • China Beach really is gone now…. A shame it all went to resorts!! Just pased my 8th annivresary living in beautiful Viet Nam. Now Resorts being build along Long Beach all the way from Cam Ranh Airport to mountain pass to Nha Trang.

      Still Nha Trang remains great. A great life here!!! Who would have guessed??? If you get back over. send an e-mail. Lots of us vets here.

  • Richard P. Turner Usn Ret

    Great Site I was with the Mobile Riverine Force in the Delta with Rivron 15 Rivdiv 152

  • Bryan James Fyfe

    This site is being passed round here ‘Downunder’ through the branches of our Vet Assoc.
    Woke up to ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ in my ’66/67 tour stationed at Vung Tau
    Thanks for the memories [ the good ones ]

  • Don Steigel GMG-3 PBR River Division 593 1969/70

    Thanks for the (good) memories. “Roll-in on the River”


  • roger that

  • Thank you Stan,
    Love the music.
    Phuoc Tuy & Bien Hoa, Provinces 68-69 Aussie tanker.
    (Phuoc Tuy is now Baria Vung Tau Province)

  • Freddy Lavezzary, Jack Krohn, Bob Hobler, Jim Brewer the tall guy. 1st squad, 1st platoon, Co.A 3/21st, 196th Light Infantry Brigade, 23rd ID “Americal”
    HiepDuc & QueSon valleys south of DaNang, west of ChuLai 1971

  • great songs bring back memories keep it up. just found the website….

  • 70-71 26th engr Duc Pho great radio ,great songs

  • Vietnam 69 and 71 Royal Australian Navy great music.I think it is ours Brothers in Arms
    Thanks for the memories { Chicken Man he’s everywhere }

  • Thank you and God Bless

    This has been the greatest Web site I have ever seen and heard. I am hooked for ever God bless to all involved in its production.
    David THOMPSON – Melbourne Australia.

  • david buckwalter

    re the last song A Garret Trooper. in Australian arm a POGO posted out on garrison duty

  • I love this,its hard for me to go to sleep,because i want to know what the next song will be!

  • Great radio….

    I was with 366th Combat Support Group at Da Nang in 67’/68′ supporting Operation Ranch Hand. Thanks to all those who served. I think of the names on The Wall most everyday. This was our music. Thank you for doing.

    • I was with the 1972 comm squadron attached to the 366th. Lived in gunfighter village.
      70-71. I have pictures of the black barrels with the orange stripe. Worked in the Tower.

    • I was with 377th in Saigon in ’69. Medic.

  • May I congratulate you and all the helpers for such a great show. I had two tours 1967-68 and 1969-70. I am in Australia guess you would have picked it up by my email. I served for 20 years and now suffering for it however, I never regret any part of it. I am homebound except to attend my Doctor and Surgeons. I have a condition that has no treatment and so no surgeon will touch as operations are a danger and I would not survive. I have an interest doing family tree and now listening to Vietnam Vet Radio. The site was just passed around to us last week. The show is fantastic and thanks for putting it all together.

    Keep the good work going and all the best.

    • God bless you brother, it was a long war that still exists for many of us today in many forms and with many consequences. I wish you my most sincere gratitude for your service and a hearty welcome home. “You number one GI!” I served with the 377th Munition Maint. Sqdn., Tan Son Nhut AFB, Saigon. Jul ’66-Jul ’67. Thank you for remembering, as I will never forget!

  • Forrest "Sonny' Ashcraft

    Wow is all I can say…….I was with the 633rd Security Force
    canine (K-9) at Plieku Air Field 67-68. I arrived just before
    the 68 Tet Offensive. Like most folks I had a little transistor
    radio that I listened to when I could, but never at night doing
    perimeter patrols on the fence line. Sure brings back some
    long ago memories…….its like being released from a time capsule !

    Thanks for doing this……I am loving it !!

    A quick story when I got back to the states, in May of 68 a friend
    of mine said “Hey man have you heard the new song by The Door’s
    and I said Who…..(having never heard of the Doors at that time
    while I was in country) my friend said no dummy not The Who,
    The Doors………

  • for those that didn’t come home.
    Age shall not weary them
    Nor the years condemn
    At the going down of the sun
    And in the morning
    We shall remember them


    Thank you for the best radio station in the World. Cheers from Downunder

    • Bernardo Melendez

      I just found out about this website via our group….Pleiku Pals. The music is awesome. I’ll be listening from now on…..I served with HHC (Recon Plt), 2d Bn, 3d Bde, 25th Inf Division, Pleiku, from 1966 to 1967. Thanks……

  • Awe, Brown Eyed Girl, that was my girlfriend and my song prior to my journey to Vietnam. She had lovely brown eyes but she was wicked with a pen. It went something like this: I will always have fond thought of our relationship but!!!!!!!!!! I have moved on and am seeing someone new. Stay alive.

    • Received my “Dear John” from my fiancé during basic, just a week or two in. Should have known better, her sister did the same thing. Best bad thing that ever happened to me.

  • Great music and great music. There are not a lot of my old squadron around these days. I was in Udorn, Thailand and moved to Saigon in 64 and stayed until 66. I was a photo puke on RF-101 and RF-4C. Flew a few missions in the RB-66 and RB-57. Those early days the units were up by the personnel processing area and the airport terminal. The revetments didn’t show up until late 65. Welcome Home everyone.

  • I’m not particularly a country music fan, but the first song I heard when in country was Merle Haggard’s “Silver Wings”. It became my Freedom Bird song. My brother served Americal Division Chu Lai and I served 1st Aviation Brigade Long Binh.

  • cudos

    Hay, just found you and am loving it!!! I’m Big Ern and was with the 24th Evac, Long Binn, 1907-71. Keep on rockin!!!

  • Just wondering if any of you Aussies remember communicating with aircraft with call sign “Uptight”.

  • GREAT JOB. ASA 5TH RRU 66 – 67

  • Was in the USAF stationed at Cam Ranh Bay, 71-72, Command Post, 483rd Tactical Airlift Wing (C-7). Great site and tunes. Thanks for the memories.

  • A really big hello to you all nice to hear from V6 CSM Dick Shepherd and my fellow Gunner from 161 Battery , Ian Barnes I was in country 1969 -70.
    Only found this on facebook at 1851 hrs 26/6/2015 please keep up the great work .

  • 5 Feb 68′ to 30 May 69′. 167th Sig. Co. Engineer Hill, Pleiku. Spent two of those months up on Dragon Mt. Relay site.
    AFVN for the Central Highlands was also up there. They always played some great music.
    Thank you all for bringing back some of those good (but also melancholy) memories.
    Welcome Home.

  • Still hanging in there Bennie, I think I for got to let you know, this is 5 Star rating for sure, I f you want more okay, I was going to give 10, then remembered weren’t we all number 10 at some time. ha ha Thanks mate John. Aussie, though I’d say you already guessed that.

  • G’Day

    To the guys at #224 VVA Green Bay & to Lima 3/5 USMC.
    from Dave at Melbourne Australia

  • Thank you for the best music from the best period of the modern era.

    • Thank you all for your service and I’m glad I always honored you. I lost a very dear friend John Edward Nierer. Because of friendly fire. God bless you all.

    • Hi Herman. It is great music. Tommo. 92b 68-69

    • You are so right, Herm. The best music. Except for Celtic, I don’t listen to to much post 70’s music.
      Welcome Home.

  • Newton reynolds

    I wonder if you could play some of the music played Australian group of ‘Col Joye and the Joye Boys’ who also toured Vietnam as entertainers and supported our troops when quite a few were denigrating their service in Vietnam. In Particular I like the song ‘Clap your hands’

    Please say hello to Richard Dupre, a veteran of Vietnam, in New York state the cousin of of Larry Dupre who was lost in Vietnam. Unfortunately I was present at demise and have the experience of recently contacting Larry’s relatives with exact circumstances. We are now in regular contact…

  • Newton reynolds

    Just further to the last comment, Johnny O’Keefe also an Australian rock and roll singer featured just following Normy Rowe, toured in Vietnam as an entertainer in 1969… He was a support for our troops.

  • Newton reynolds

    Did you know that the Australian Singer Normy Rowe…featured on this station served with the Australian Army in Vietnam in 1969 with 3 Cav Reg (APC Driver) at, Nui Dat in Phuoc Tuy Province.

    Thank you for the music.. Listened to widely and enjoyed in Australia by those who saw service in South Vietnam.

  • Greatest site yet thanks

  • USMC Charlie 1/5; Fox 2/1 Quang Nam, VN. Been in Tokyo Japan these last 26 years. Looking forward to retirement, hopefully. Wish my brothers could’ve survived and could be here in Tokyo sharing this bottle. Unbelievable, I sit in Asia and musically live in the past via the Internet on an iPod.

    • Bob Kirkpatrick

      Mike Brown, I was a platoon commander in C 1/5 in 1967. Could you have been in the platoon then?

      Bob Kirkpatrick

  • Please tell me where is Barbie the weather girl now ? I am an Aussie and where is my mate Sugar bear who said to me one night ” John John I would lay a hundred miles of commo cable across the DMZ just to hear her … in a field phone “

    • Norm "Frenchy" LaFountaine

      Are you sure that wasn’t CHRIS NOEL , weatherwise & otherwise?
      She was also a Playboy Bunny !

      She lives here in Florida. Got pictures from the last Rolling Thunder gig
      we did!

      Semper Fi !


    • Norm "Frenchy" LaFountaine


      Spent 2 weeks in Vung Tau with some Aussie mates in ’69.
      Still have lots of Aussie connections.
      Still trying to find a bunch of them.
      The Aussies taught me about VB…The Green death!
      Myself & Mike Clausen,MOH, USMC taught the Aussies
      that Scotch isn’t just for breakfast anymore!
      Best, & Semper Fi!


  • great tunes Was member of 196 LIB Tay Ninh later Chu Li Sept 1966 to Sept 1967

  • Was in Nui Dat 1971 with 4RAR/NZ what a great idea music from the era, good and bad memories, I returned to Vietnam in 2007 and have taken approx. 270 people to see where we served on 15 tours since 2007, it is now a lovely place to visit.

  • love the music then and still now ,(brings back memory’s) I looked fwd to ”Chicken man”” an ”the gran’ole’Opreee (I think that was on Saturday mornin’. I served with Australian corps of Signals 110 sig sqn (6/69 12/70 ) Detachment @ Nui dat(Aust can Tx) on my 2nd trip 110 deployment tp (LT”fish” Taylor) a few F.S.B’s then finished up at” The horse shoe”

  • Thank You. You can not know what it means to me,personally what it station means. Someone cares(you). Thank you.

  • This is so much better than TV or any other radio station!!

  • 1968 Phu Bai 1st MAW. After perimeter patrol, bunker, reel to reel tape. Moody Blues Ride my seesaw. Would you play it.

  • Was in country 71 -72 AOD Vung Tau,Thanks for the memories,stay healthy boys and girls.

    • Hey Dale, I was there, too, during the same time but was a few clicks north of you at the US Navy Base Cât Lò as an Advisor to the RVN Navy.

      Ken Cook
      CPO, US Navy (Ret)
      Daly City, CA

  • The music brings back great memories. We listened every day. I was with the 157th QM Co in Qui Nhon as the company clerk ’65-’66. We rotated from Ft Polk with the whole unit.
    Great music! Brings back many memories.
    I am looking forward to listening often.
    Welcome home

  • Was with the 157th QM Co in Qui Nhon ’65-’66. Came across the Pacific in a troop carrier with about 2K other guys. Landed on the beach in Qui Nhon in landing craft.

    Great music! I can still visualize the guys in my unit. A time I will never forget.
    Welcome home to all!

  • I was with the 576th Ordnance Company, 3rd Ordnance, Long Binh and Phu Loi, July ’69-’70. I any one else out there that was there? We had 60 miles of roads inside the depot of storage for ammunitions. (LRonSwain@gmail.com).

    • Ron,
      I was in the same unit about the same time, signing trucks in and out of the depot.

      • Our company was the company used to resupply small depots in all over the southern parts of South Vietnam.
        I company area was directly across the street from the PX, barber shop, and PX food/drink trailer. My last three months in country I was the battalion commander’s driver. Prior to that I was the company clerk until I told a 1st Lt to go straight to Hell. Then I got away from him before I punched him…hence the driver job. The company commander was mad that I didn’t tell him so he could tell him to go to hell for me..
        Driving job was awesome…

    • This is so much better than TV or any other radio station!!
      I was in 3rd Ord August 1966 until October 1967

  • I’m not sure how exactly I stumbled onto this site but omg, it’s 5 STAR awesome. Just like the “wall”, I will certainly pass on this very special link in every way I can. Thanks for a job well done and keep up the good work. Parker Diamond, Hampton Beach, NH.

  • Thank you for putting this thing together. Memories of AFVN, brothers sharing warm beer, c-rats, heat, rain, smells, more rain, more heat, more smells, all followed by burst of intensity. Just posted your link on Twitter @StrltXprs

  • Many thanks Bennie. Welcome home Smiler Melville. 103 Sig Sqn Australian Signals.66/67

  • Jack A Holsomback

    News Director, and burner of the shi*&ers, Amrican Forces Vietnam, Danang, Monkey Mountain Danang, Vietnam, 1966, 1967, 1971.

    • HMM your name is familiar. I was at Danang 35th Transportation. 65-65 Vehicle Maintenance. I heard a school buddy was in the Navy as a Supply Man, at Monkey Mt. went to visit him saw marvolus caves etc. He was to be my future bro in law , married his sister 1 year later.

  • mike milicevic ( wheelborrow)

    Bennie, big thanks, not just the music but the fantastic way this keeps our Exclusive family club Bond world-wide via simple messages. my visits to Washington Wall still sing to me! Welcome home to all Service personnel! you are ready to give All! Aussie rifleman 68/69…………

    look forward to making some contacts on visit to Hawaii july/2015

  • Six Platoon,B. Co. 3RAR. Vietnam 1967/1968.
    Hi there guys!
    Still upright and moving?

  • Well Done. Great memories musically. What a wonderful country now. Been back twice and the people are just fabulous and so warm and friendly.
    Brian (Smiler) Melville 709 & 527 Sig Troop Royal Australian Signals – Saigon
    and Bien Hoa 65 – 66

  • WOW, best broadcast this evening. Brought back many memories, fortunately no bad ones. Thanks Bennie, just awesome, Hooah
    Vietnam, Nov 1969-February 1971

  • Rodric, that was most likely Noel Backman from Charlie Company 2RAR.

    Thanks for the music guys, it’s on for most of the day

  • Great site. Great Music. Thanks

    Vietnam 1969 ATC GCA Radar Conroller- 6 months Phan Rang, 6 month TDY to Nha Trang during GCA radar change over.

  • It’s great to hear music from the 1960s & 70s. While we served our country we tuned our radios into AFVN in an attempt to keep in touch with The World … the place of our loved ones. I served with 43rd Signal BN HHD in Pleiku during the last 4 months of 1968 and the 21st Signal Group’s Aviation Detachment at Nha Trang Airbase in the first 8 months of 1969.

  • Although we may not have agreed with the anti-war
    songs they were very much a part of our generation
    and I and I’d assume many other Viet Nam Vets wish
    you would play them. Barry McGuire, Peter,Paul & Mary,
    Judy Collins etc. sung songs which were very much a part
    of the War.

    • I served in Viet Nam with the USMC from January,1968
      until October,1969 and was with 13th & 26th Marines
      throughout the Khe Sanh siege.

      • The music brings back great memories. We listened every day.
        I was with the 157th QM Co ’65-’66 as company clerk. We came over by troop carrier across the Pacific.
        I am looking forward to listening often.
        “WELCOME BACK” to all. I am and was always proud to be a part of the military.

      • Glad we got you guys out. I helped…..

      • I thought I was replying to the Ed Mayr and being at Khe Sanh in 68′. We had a landing and a takeoff 24 hours a day at Da Nang for the entire time in support of the Marines at Khe Sanh. Thanks to all Marines who protected Da Nang during TET 68′. Welcome home brothers….I was at Da Nang from Fall of 67′ to Fall of 68′.

    • Have you checked out the playlist? We do play songs from Barry McGuire, Peter, Paul, and Mary and Judy Collins.

  • Still listening, and have passed the site around to all the vets I know, checked out the music play list, some on seems to have missed Dr Hook, aca A little bit more, remember it from ton san nhut ,waiting go on R&R, thought it is a great song, and still is, not sure if I got the spelling right on the air port, but hey I’m lovable, sorry used to be. ha ha ha Thank you again much appreciated.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Your song “A Little Bit More” has been added to the playlist and is now in the daily song rotation. Welcome Home!

      • Thank you Bennie, re A little Bit More, it is I must say a great site for sure, and listen in as much as possible, ah memories and nice ones at that. Most of the music I have stored on this computer of mine, is what you are putting out, but not the same with out the verbal out put from the station, which is as good as it gets. Thanks again. John

  • 2rar 67/68nui dat. Great memories. Brought back. Loved to listen when back in base.
    Some memories are fayding but still remember the good time
    Keep up the good work

    From down under

  • Rolland M. Cannon

    Wow! The music takes me back to a different time and place. I am not certain that the world is any more dangerous or any more safe. Just sitting on the eve of destruction.

  • Great web site, thanx. Was in Plieku ’68-’69 with 43rd Sig Bn and lots of good military gear to listen to Hanoi Hanna and these great tunes on AFVN.

  • Loving your music

    Just discovered your station – will pass the word around…. thanks.

    I was in Vietnam Oct 1966-Oct 1967 – The 128th Assault Helicopter Company (The Tomahawks) – was a crew-chief/door-gunner – old memories – older friends and old music – all goes together!


  • 5RAR Vietnam 66/67 Loved the station (AFVN.)when we could get it. The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” was playing the day I found out when we would go home. Great memories. Cheers to all Vets.

  • I switched on for a few minutes and stayed on air for hours…… Love it !

  • Peter 'Loughlin

    Received the link from the local Vietnam Vets Assoc (Campbelltown NSW [Au]).
    Served with 8 Pet Platoon, Vung Tau & Nui Dat 1968 (Fuel to keep everybody on the move!)

  • Well Gaw Dam! Thanks for the Music, thanks for the memories, Thank Heavens for Dustoff.and Thanks Dr Laws at 36 Evac Vung Tau 1967. I’m not as fast but just as Pretty.

    • Ferdinand (aka Shorty) Fahey

      Wally Musgrave; Ain’t none of us young enough to still be Pretty. Are you kidding me. Welcome home brothers. these tunes sure bring back memories 1st Logistical command, Cam Rahn Bay and Qui Nhon

      • Ferdinand (aka Shorty) Fahey

        first half of 66
        with the 14th inventory control center and second half of 66 629th Ordnance

  • Don’t know if you have it,but I’d like to hear some Janis Joplin. Piece of my heart.

  • Diana Dwan Poole

    Wonderful ! Thanks so much, guys. I was Army Nurse Corps at 67 Evac Hospital in Qui Nhon 69-70 and 70-71. Welcome Home !

    • johnny james basso

      Diana dawn poole why does your name “ring a bell” I am member of “THE PLEIKU PALS”. I was in the 4th inf at an khe in 1970. in 1971 I moved to kontum & then tanh canh , dakto, ben het , firebase 6. anyway welcome and thank you for your awesome service to our country.
      johnny james basso

      • Johnny great to see your listening in. Like you I know Diana from the Pleiku Pals early days, and great to see her name here.
        Cheers mate from “Down Under”.

    • Although I was a Marine I know what you gave to the military. Thank You.

    • Thanks for all you did my Sister !!!

    • Welcome Home Sister. You are one of the Angels of that place Thank You BOCOUP

    • God Bless you, and welcome home.

  • Gimme the beat, boys, and free my soul
    Wanna get lost in your rock’n roll
    Now drift away……
    God bless you … connected once again with all my buds who never got back.
    This 74-year-old Marine has got goose bumps! AAARRRUUUGGGHHHAAA!!!!!

  • Thanks The day music came alive again.

  • I have only been introduced this evening to your station. Oh the memories. Loved the station then and now I can enjoy it again. I served in Vietnam with Australian Infantry 69/70 and was shot in June 1970. Whatever happened to “Kelly”? I have fond memories of hearing “Hi, this is Kelly and your listening to AFVNFM”. A very smooth, seductive voice.

  • I served with the Australian Army in Vietnam July 70 – July 71 as a radio operator, and for three months I was attached to elements of the 2/25th Infantry Battalion outside Xuan Loc in Long Khanh Province III Corps as part of a 4 man liaison team coordinating U.S. and Australian troop movements.
    I was given the details of your site today by a veteran friend in the States and I couldn’t have found a better place to listen to music from our era as well as the articles on Vietnam through AFVN.
    I was really taken back in time when I happened to hear “Chicken Man”, a segment that I really looked forward to hearing because it gave me a chuckle when at times there wasn’t too much else to chuckle about.
    Keep up the fantastic work you’re doing, and I’ll be passing the details of your site on to all my Aussie and U.S. contacts so like me they can get a blast from the past.
    Cheers – John Casey – Hervey Bay – Queensland – Australia

  • This is excellent. I’m waiting for the ad warning us about the “Cowboys” a Vietnamese gang mugging GI’s in Saigon.

  • First Bn. Royal Australian Regiment, attached to the 173rd Airborne Bde., Bien Hoa, ’65–’66. Absolutely LOVE the music of the 60’s era. THANK YOU Brother.

  • Great job I love it I was there in 67/68 with the 2RAR Just found out about your station and what you are doing and I can assure you your station will be heard all around Australia in a very quick time because the words out
    Thanks Mate


  • Thanks for the memories both good and bad from our time over there.

    527 Sig Troop
    Long binh/bien hoa 1965/66
    Australian Army

  • Thanks mate, very good, lots of memories, though do miss the chicken man call.

    • Before I opened this up for the first time THE FIRST thought (and probably the only one I will have for the rest of the day) was I wonder IF Chicken man, is still out there clucking away lol.

  • Salute with thanks, Bennie my brother, for the 1st Cavalry song honoring THE FIRST TEAM. I appreciate your show and the vets who put it on, reminding us of the Delta to the DMZ tunes that brought us a slice of home.

  • Bennie, Thank you. You may think you are just playing music, but in my case you are doing so much more,at least for me. I can remember.,I want to remember. Because of you, I can. You are as blessing.

  • Richard Shepherd

    Company Sergeant Major, Victor 6 Company Vietnam 1971. Just joined and look forward to music that lights up the memories of those times.

  • 161 bty New Zealand Arty served 1970-71 Nui Dat thanks for the memory

    • Ian, John Casey from Oz here. When you were in Vietnam did you serve with Lieutenant John Winton by any chance?
      I served under him Sep – Dec 70 as part of a 4 man liaison team with the U.S. 2/25th Infantry in Long Khanh Province.
      I also served under his brother in the Nui Dat Task Force HQ when I first arrived in July 70.
      Both of them were great blokes and it upset me greatly to hear John had been killed.

      • Hi John,
        John Winton was serving with Victor 5 Coy 2 RAR/NZ (ANZAC)Bn when he was killed,a good man. Thanks for this programme,sure brings the memories back,best to all brothers, Jonesy Victor 5

  • Brings back lots of memories. Thank you, Bennie, for creating this site and
    “WELCOME HOME BROTHER”. Have shared this site under all service branches of TOGETHERWESERVED.

    Bruce U. S. Navy YN3 MACV AG-CM TAN SOM NHUT. 69-70

  • Fabulous, Thank You 8th TAC Fighter Wing, 8th FMS F-4 engine conditioning July 1971-1972


    just blew my mind broke down in tears in front of my wife when hearing you guys acknowledge my email straight away

    you all have a great life will be listening most days request songs, ANYTHING
    thank you you have made my day
    will be meeting up with mate of same era will let them know about this site
    Graeme Cunningham

  • great site brings back good and bad memories. Thank you

  • Gary Cate (Ohio)

    Thanks for Playing my Request to my Wife Last Night.
    You Guys have an AWESOME station.
    Is there some way we as vets can support your efforts ?
    Also Wanted to Thank Bennie, for mentioning Our Face Book Group
    “Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club” we have over 1500 members, and, I have shared your Station Link There, and other FB Veteran Groups I am a Member Of.
    THANKS, a Bunch, and Keep Up the good Work !!

    • Gary, thanks for the kind words. Yes, you can support our efforts by doing just exactly what you are doing now; spreading the word about Vietnam Vet Radio through FB groups, other social media, word of mouth, etc. I created Vietnam Vet Radio for Vietnam veterans – and all of us together make it a success. As Stan says, “Vietnam Vet Radio – created BY Vietnam Veterans FOR Vietnam Veterans.”

  • Can anyone recall an Australuan call sign “Cool Cat 77″? 1970-71

  • Welcome Home!!! Served on the flight deck with RVAH-7 RA-5c Vigilante squadron on board the Connie in 1969-70 and the Kitty Hawk in 1972….the music here is awesome…I knew after listening for just five minutes I was back and the memories came flooding in…thanks for bringing us all together again through our music…no therapy better than music!!!

  • What a great play list, Love this, Thanks. cam Ranh Bay 1966 I was with the 12th FMS , Engine Shop

  • Just saw your post on the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club site. I served aboard the USS Boston on her 1969 cruise. I’ve shared it with all my friends. Love the no anti war stuff policy!!!! Thanks for bringing this great music of the period to us. WELCOME HOME EVERYONE!!! God Bless America

  • C-123s flying out of Tan Son Nhut Feb 67 – TET 68. Welcome Home !!

  • Just heard about this site on the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club site. I served with VA-106 Gladiators on the USS Intrepid CVA-11 on Yankee Station in Vietnam in 1968. I don’t recall that we were able to get AFN on the ship, most of our news came from Stars & Stripes and the Evening News from the Catholic Chaplain, Commander Paul Bradley, who came on the 1MC and read the news.
    Great site, I will listen often.

    • Come Visit USS Intrepid in NYC she just under went a major overhaul in New Jersey
      and now she is docked in Manhattan NY a great museum& welcome home

  • was on the uss hickman county lst 825 and clarke county lst 601 69-70 running the rivers of the delta resupplying . use to sit in the cpo quarters listening to this music. I was the only cpo on board and it would make my evening

  • Gary Cate (Ohio)

    Love the Station Glad it is Up and Running, I have shared the Link Several Times, on the Vietnam Vet Group sites I am On.
    P S : I’m From Ohio.

  • Memories!!! Served in the Nam 69-71 with the US Navy..Mobile Riverine Force. Thx!!!

  • While I have not had the patience to read all comments, did you know that the Aussies had a limited broadcast, volunteer-staffed radio station, AFR 1040, that was located in Vungers on the US Air base but available only to local Americans and to Aussies and Kiwis (New Zealanders) in Vung Tau and/or Nui Dat and/or Saigon. I was an announcer in my spare (?) time. Local American troops would call in when I was on the air. I am now an ex-pat Aussie living in Danville, Illinois.

    • Wow, wonderful stuff! Prior to the Aussie radio station begin established in Vung Tau, myself and Sgt John Hounslow worked daily at AFVN Saigon with a five minute “News from Australia” segment, circa 1968-69. Loved it! I wonder if you guys have any record of any of those broadcasts? I’m pretty sure it was around 10 am, five days a week. We got to meet a great number of terrific Americans at the station. Sadly, I’ve lost contact with them over the years and John Hounslow died five years ago. I’d love to get something for his son though.

    • Andy. What are you doing i9n Illinois. I knew your father when he lived in Clare

  • Sensational stuff. Love it.
    Well done on getting this site up and running.
    It is getting circulated to a lot of Aussie Vets.

    Ian (NIKO) Nichols.
    110 Signal Squadron
    Australian Regular Army
    Saigon and Vung Tau 1970-71

  • Love it! We were on the USS FOX off the coast of N.Vietnam (68-72) where I got to listen to Stan Maroon on the ship’s radio station, KRAM. Great memories hearing you again along with the music of the time.

  • Lionel l muller jr

    Bennie mahalo for the music. Will tell all the Hawaiian vets about this site 4th/23rd tomahawks. Tay Ninh 1968-1969 25th infantry division. Mahalo. Kani

    • Thanks. With Hawaii we now have confirmed listeners in all 50 United States as well as the continents of Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America. Only continent missing is Antarctica.

      • Lionel l muller jr

        Really miss Tammy Wynette. Stand by your man. 6:00pm every nite. Tried to hear it when I could. Those were the days. Hoping to have a girl back home waiting for you. Kani

      • SFC (Ret) Charlie J. Bury, Jr.

        Awesome site! I was to young for NAM but I listened to the news every night and told my dad when I was old enough I would do my part. Joined US Army at 17 and stayed 21 years all Infantry. Thanks to all the Vietnam Vets you guys and gals will always be my heroes! Welcome Home!

      • Ferdinand (aka Shorty) Fahey

        United States in the state of Georgia, was drafted out of my home state New York

    • Sam Prince. 1967-1968 101st Airborne 2/501st Imf

      I had two tours in Vietnam: 501st Inf Bn and 162nd AHC as Gunner on C, Model
      Gun ship. Love those Free Zone’s in the Delta.

  • Mate, great music. I used to listen to it off Vung Tau in ’65 and again in ’69 on the Gunline up and down the coast on board HMAS Brisbane. This sure brings back the memories !!

    Bravo Zulu

  • 110 Sig Sqn
    Royal Australian Army
    Phuoc Tuy Province 1969/70
    Where is Chicken Man?

  • Thank You. Memories of setting on the blast wall of a bunker in Phu Bai. Mabs 36 Mag 36 1st Maw.

  • A great start for Stan’s afternoon show. Thanks Buddy !

    • Thanks Bill, it was a hoot, an honor, and a pleasure doing a show for all of our brothers and sisters! Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow, hope you can listen.

      • Great job enjoyed the show and will be listening as much as I can
        THANKS BRO

        • Thanks Mike, I appreciate you listening, it’s a lot of fun for me!
          Won’t be a show tomorrow, but back at it for a full week next week.
          Guess the “shake down cruise” went OK, Bennie has given the go ahead for more!
          Tune in when you can.

          • I am hooked when will you guys broadcast on radio?
            I have forwarded your website to many people. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  • Greetings comrades and thanks to our host for putting together this site. As for me, HQ 7th Air Force 68-69. Recently I “got my parade” when my Legion Post here in Indy selected me to ride on their float in the pre-Indy 500 Parade. Gentlemen, the crowds estimated at 300,000 gave us a standing ovation from start to finish. It was like watching all those citizens do the wave. (Legion Post Historic Fort Benjamin Post 510. Posts of pics on Facebook.)

    • Everett Thompson

      Just found this from a friend on facebook. Love it and thank you for doing this. Welcome Home!!!

      Camp Eagle, A Btry 377th FA AVN 101st ABN
      Oct 70-Jan71

      We were a small unit that served the 101st Arty and other missions. We had OH6 Loch’s and UH1 slicks.

  • I now now knew I am in an in a brotherhood of special people. My children/grandchildren can not figure out why this music turns me into a quiet man who does not want to join in on their lives.

    • My father was a 30 year veteran in the Navy.. He was on the.. U.S.S. Richmond, then transferred to New London,Ct..Groton submarine base. During World War two he got a Commendation from the Rear Admiral of the U.S. Navy , He was on the.. U.S.S. Grenadier in enemy territory. I also had three brothers in the Navy, youngest brother was on a aircraft carrier and was in Vietnam for 9 month’s. My oldest brother was in two wars. He was in Navy during World War two and was drafted in the army during the Korean war. I forgot to mention my fathers name…William Earnest Williams CEM

  • Eddie Bell, Sr

    I am so glad to hear from so many “Brothers”, it makes me feel good inside. I love it. VN 1968, 1st Sig Bde Saigon.


    • Good Morning… I am not sure, but I think my husband Tim was there at that time. His name is Timothy John File. Tim died may 5th 2013 from COPD. I wish I would have known of this before. He had often hoped of trying to catch up with some of the men he was with there. He was there in 70- 71. I have a picture of him at that time and one of him just a few years ago. He had a friend that had a monkey does that ring a bell?

      • Edward Williams

        Was he at Camp Frenzel Jones in 1970 & part of 1971. We were just outside the Long Binh Triangle. There was a guy with a couple monkeys .. My Unit was the 79th Combat Engineers Bridge Provisional Co. We had Red Kangaroo Rats painted on the Stars on all of our Equipment. Long shot, but who knows. have a great day Mam. Sorry for your great loss. Essayons.

        • Hi Edward. Was Camp Frenzel Jones in Xuan Loc? I’m sure that was the base I spent some of my time with as a member of an Aussie liaison team in late 70 supporting elements of the 2/25th Infantry.
          There was a PFC Beull (?) who worked in the EM Club at that time under a sergeant.

          • Frenzel Jones was at Long Binh John, home of 199th Infantry.
            I was attached to the 199th, as member of 71st lRP Oct 69 thru feb 69

        • Edward,

          How early in ’70 were you with the 79th? What platoon? I was with the 100th Float Bridge when it merged with the 500th Panel Bridge to make the 79th Provisional Bridge. This was around November of ’69. I was a bridge boat operator. 3rd platoon. I rotated home in April, ’70.
          WELCOME HOME!!!


  • very cool site . love it! Dave 1st Cav 15th med e vac gunner 69 70.

    • just found this becuz of a brother. way to cool. will come back lots! love it! Dave 1st Cav 15th med e vac gunner 69 70.

    • Great music!! Brings back sooo many memories! Thanks so much, Bennie, for doing this!! HHC Avn Platoon (“Flying Circus”), 1st Bde, 1st Cav, Tay Ninh ’69-’70.

  • John aka crowbar

    Hey I was one of the lucky soldiers that made it back. 12/65 to 12/66 545th Military Police 1st Cav. Always looking for friends I may have served with in VN or Sandia Base New Mexico or Ft. Gordon basic and AIT
    Stay safe

  • Danny Martin 3/26 KheSahn 1968,thank you for what you are doing,great music,brings back many things,thank you again.

    • Pat (Doc) Hidy

      Danny, I was third platoon Lima Company 3/26 at Khe Sanh in ’68. Perhaps we crossed paths? Good tunes indeed. Welcome home brother.

  • Thanks for a great station. USS Rainier (AE-5) “Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club” 68-70

  • 1/61st Infantry Mechanized, 5th Infantry “Red Devil” Division – DMZ area 1970

  • Just found this on FB. Love it. It brings back so many memories, some good, some bad. I was with NSA Da Nang, TSP (Tien Sha) Security, Aug 67 – 68. Welcome home to all my brothers and sisters from different Mothers.

  • I love this! will we ever be able to get this on our car radio?

  • Glad to have this station and the memories keep on comin.
    Tan Son Nhut air base.
    360th TEWS, flight line maintenance.

  • Bill Salzbrener

    Great station and the best music!! I remember taking the old batteries from our PRC Radio’s and connecting them to my AM/FM radio to listen to the music when we where in base camp. Worked for away! Oh well you could go to the PX and get anther radio. 9th Division 4/39 1967/1968.
    I have shared this station with ALL my Facebook friends.

  • anyone out there from the 7/17 cav?

  • Thanks Bennie,this serves to let me remember not all music from then was not protest nor Vietnam related,as I have found myself seeking out those sorts of music to keep memory of it fresh so to say,!! Recon,4 th 23 rd HHQ 25 th Army 1968

  • Oldies but Goodies, Have a great day Sky and Boonie brothers and Sisters, Quang Tri Viet Nam ( Charlie Horse)

  • Have a great day Sky and Boonie Brothers Peace out warriors…

  • Love the music. Vietnam was over in 75 and I didn’t go into the Army until 76. My father on the other hand did two tours over there in the 60’s. He was a Seabee stationed in Da Nang supporting the USMC. I never really knew my father until I was about 10 or 11 after he got out of the service. Our family has nothing but the utmost respect for all that served and are serving now.

  • Just saw this on facebook. LZ sandy Phan Thiet 1970. 5th 22nd Arty

  • Great Music ,good to hang out with brothers from Nam,thank you so very much,.BRINGS BACK GOOD MEMORIES,

    • Norm "Frenchy" LaFountaine


      Bennie done good with this Vietnam Vet Radio!
      Not sure how to E-Mail a picture to you.
      Sure you’d recognize it ! It’s an Ugly Angel parked by
      the Medevac Bunker!
      Semper Fi!
      ’68 & ’69 UH-34D & UH-1E Gunship Crew Chief


  • Khe Sahn. 3-26 1968.

  • New to this station. saw an ad on Viet Nam Vets FB page. This is great music!! Thanks so much.

    554 Red Horse, Thailand 1974-76


  • many long nights at Tan Son Nhut air base with the 377th SPS first on a bunker and then in heavy weapons on An APC from Oct 68 to Oct 69 music kept us in good spirits—welcome home to all Vietnam vets

    • I was at TSN Aug 68-Aug69. Thanks for keeping us safe as we slept. Check out TSN.org I was in 600 Photo Sq. Welcome home brother.

      • Arthur Rodgers

        Thanks Gary,we all had a part to play and all equally important –you are a true patriot,welcome home

  • I love this! It brings back memories of music I played in a high school rock band before I went in the Army. Thanks so much.
    610th Maint. Bn. Phu Loi, Lai Khe, and other fun places in III Corps, 10/69-6/70

  • sgt. a. hertzog

    recon sgt. quang tri 1968 & 1969. lrrp
    this is a great station and a tribute to all of my brothers that served !!

  • Francesco di Casacavallo

    Great to be with my Brothers on this Radio! Memories of this good music…..
    Nam 67-68 USMC det CIDG and 1969 PRU (provincial reconnaissance unit)

  • Sadec Prov., 68-69. AF Medic (MILPHAP) Thanks Bennie for some great tunes…lots of memories

  • Kenneth McCutcheon

    This brings back a lot of memories, both good and bad. Keep up the good work!
    Kenneth McCutcheon
    NSAD Hue Ramp 1968-69

  • I am a wife of a retired sailor Brings back many memories . I’m so glad I found this great music

  • Love this station. First thing in the morning it goes on and lasts all day. My wife really likes it…..your music is so much better than other “oldie” stations as you do play “our” music and not 70’s & 80’s – calling that oldies music. put a message on Americal’s 11th Bde site on Facebook asking for lots of support for your work. Thanks so much from lots of happy vets and spouses.

  • 66-67 recondo pltn/2/502/101st abn. wia 8/26/67 great site,memories that last

  • Brings back a lot of memories. 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade. DaNang 1969.

  • SP/5 Emmett A. Morgan

    SFC Bennie; There Just Ain’t No Way to thank you enough for your efforts to keep alive not only the music but the spirit we all shared in good times and bad Back in the Day. I served with the 575th Detachment, 525th MI Group in and around Saigon from March 1972-1973. Most of our guys were gone when I arrived in Viet Nam, but we made it through the 1972 Nguyen Hue AKA Easter Offensive OK. I have often told friends and relatives that if there were ever a medal called the Congressional Medal of Scared, I definitely would have qualified for it!! God, we were So Young!!

  • Two days ago I discovered your web site and since then I have been listening all the time.

    Have passed it on to many of my shipmates and other friends.

    You are doing a fantastic job and thank you so much for all your efforts.

    Great music!

    I was there in 1962 aboard the USS Walton DE-361 … we worked with the South Vietnamese Navy coastal patrol craft. Pulled into Danang many times and went up the Saigon River once to Saigon. This was just before the Gulf of Tonkin incident. I was a Radioman 1st Class on the Walton.

    Again … thanks so much for what you are doing here.

  • did my 4th tour 70-71 71st avn (rattlers- firebirds) QUAN TRI-when going into hot LZ listened to this music- brings bacck some bad& good memories

    • James, know what your saying. went in to lots of hot LZ’s listening to some rock and roll! cool welcome home brother.

  • Great music Bennie! Brings back many great memories, 1st Avn Bde,Bien Hoa HHC commo-Rotor Switch/190th Aslt Hele Co. 69-70, 179th Support Hel Co Camp Eagle, & 478th Hvy Hele Co Marble Mtn Army Aviation-71-72. Thanks

  • Served with the 129th Assault Helicopter Company at Lane (2 core) Crew chief 1st platoon Bulldogs (slicks) all of 70. We were lucky as we could hear the station while in flight. At least when things were not to hot. Thank you for putting us back in touch with that time.

  • Great tunes…thanks. Yes it does take me back…’66-68…USS Mansfield DD728. Mostly I Corp, NGFS at DMZ.
    Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.

  • Just found this site. Good tunes that bring back some memories. 442 TC 69-70

  • Do you have a phone app for this station Bennie?

  • Just found you (other vets from facebook informed me about you) but, this is great. Was in Nam 66-67 2/35 Artillery. Thanks man.

  • Tom 'Ghost' Titus

    Thanks Brother!!! Wasn’t expecting to hear my name just a minute…..us old LRRP’s still hear everything!! Bringing back memories, almost wish my Son was here w/ me to listen…but he’s not. He did us Proud in Iraq..paid the price. Thanks again for the Good Times long missed!!

  • Tom 'Ghost' Titus

    a friend sent me your link to my FB page; 8:34 pm Boise Idaho time, listening to you.
    2 tours, mainly III Corps 1st CAV 70 & 71, started w/ A Co 1/7th 1st CAV. then volunteered & moved on to LRRPs, H Co Ranger 75th / E Co LRRP 52nd Inf.
    tagged: ‘Ghost’ in NAM and still called that today.
    71 Nov=medevac’d to 24th E VAC Long Binh/Binh Hoa, my Freedom Bird Home was a hospital plane out of the NAM to Fitzsimons Army Hospital, COLO.
    *also a GOLD STAR Father….tradition carried to Iraq, ended there.

    WELCOME HOME BROTHERS & SISTERS!!! some of us have never left NAM

    • Ghost, thanks for your service, and condolences on the loss of your son. God Bless.

    • tom, was just there. listening to this music! sorry for your son brother. prayers to you and the rest of the family. REST IN PEACE young man.

    • Ghost, It has been years, (lucky out of Illinois) back when we rode Run For The Wall. In the late 90s I think. I am now in FL, Still riding strong. I too was at 24th Evac, and Fitzsimmons from May 70 to May 71. 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. Glad to see you brother. Chris@gloryriders.com

  • Eddie Tomlinson

    glad i found this; was posted on my VP group page. Was never in country but flew air support for B-52s out of Guam 72-74 (VP-47 crew 7 , AO2 /P3-c)
    Will share with my Vietnam vets chapter1002, Lebanon Tn. :]

  • Great music I still am a rock and roller at heart. Listen to a Sgt. Pepper late at night on AFR.
    Medic with 554th Eng. from 4/1970-2/1971.

  • Tom Adams (USA retired)

    Great site. Lot’s of memories by way of this music. Marble Mountain (China Beach/DaNang- 65-66. Tuy Hoa 70-71. Used to listen to this music on our Chopper (Huey) radio. Job well done…THANKS!!

  • Great quality website with the real good tunes ! How about some CCR ?

  • A brother turned me on to this station this morning. Love it. Red Diamond 5th Mech. 69/70 and then 95th Evac DaNang

  • Frank G. Harden

    A very long time ago.

  • Wow Bennie, haven’t heard some of these for a long time. Vinh Long Province 1969-70.

  • this is the greatest site on the internet….

  • Robert McDonald

    Love this ,L Z English 69\ 70 Casper Plt. 173 Ab Bd.


  • So I didn’t dream all that!
    In-country, 1969-70. 1st I.D. 18th MP Bde.

    • Thank you Bennie! Lots of memories here. Most good, some not so. Without the music, Nam could/would have been much worse than it already was.

      362nd TEWS
      4/70 – 4/71

  • Greatest music of all time. Music you could dance to, sing along with and understand what is being said. Great job, kudo’s.

  • if ya need more song for the show here is a good list. This site just AWSOME
    puts me back in the Hooch after a walk on the beach or thru the highlands.
    was a Member of “2nd Platoon, D” Company, 5th/46th Infantry, 198th Light Infantry Brigade, Americal (23rd) Division. March thru Nov 68 I was a Squad leader E-5 Sgt Based on L-Z Gator just South of Chu Lai”

    In January, 1968, the 5th Battalion, 46th Infantry received its redeployment orders and was assigned to the 198th Infantry Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, in March, 1968.
    Since that time the unit has been engaged in combat operations. The men of the 5th Battalion, 46th Infantry are known as “The Professionals.”
    Thanks Again

  • Some of the comments I got about your audio clip of The Wall

    “You Guys made me cry – don’t do that.”

    “Finally, I understand the mystique of The Wall.”

    “The timbre in that voice is right out of WW2 war film narration.”

    “Jim, you wrote it, Stan brought it to life.”

    “Thought provoking as written, heart breaking as read aloud.”

  • Bennie, Stan, thanks beyond measure for your treatment of The Wall. Just listened to the it on “air”. As a friend wrote today “Jim you wrote it, but Stan brought it to life.” I know you run a non-political, non-religious site, but may I say, God Bless you both.

  • Love this music, thanks for a great station. Tan Son Nhut Air Base 1969-1971

  • This station brings back some strong memories back in Can Tho. I sat in the guard house many nights listening to Arm Forces Radio. Can’t say it was a pleasant experience, but this kept me going. God blessed me, I’m still here. Headquarters Company, 52nd Signal Battalion. Thank You!

  • Bennie,

    Do you have an APP?

  • Bennie P. Blount, I SALUTE you. What memories this brought back. I served with A. Co. 25th Avn. Bn. (Little Bears) 25th Inf. Div. 1967-1968 in Cu Chi, and 388th Trans Co. Vung Tau, 1970-1971. I have bookmarked this site.

    • welcome home brother
      I used to see a Little Bear UH1D out side the TOC at Dautieng when we were there
      188th Assault helicopter co AML 12th group 1 st Avn Bde ” Black Widows”

  • Rodney Phillips

    Great site, thanks for all you do for the veterans, keep up the good work.
    Rod , Daytona Beach Florida
    Vietnam Jan 1968- Jan 1969
    C/1327 101st Airborne
    2/325 82nd Airborne

  • Enjoying the good flashbacks!
    2nd Plt, F Troop, 17th Cavalry, 196 LIB
    LZ Baldy and Hawk Hill AOs.

  • What a Great idea and to be able to use computer while listening is a magic moment. What thoughts of my youth come rushing back as I was with the 3/11 Armored Cavalry. Ya you brothers know now the tears flow. And I’m 70.

  • Robert Puterbaugh

    Was with “D” Co 92nd Engineers 68-69 Long Binh,Long Thann,Vung Tau,Barrie,
    261st Trans Long Binh 70-71
    233rd Trans (Heavy) Long Binh 71-72

  • Mahlon Paul Manson

    Great Music, Viet Nam 68-69.

  • awesome site thanks for this boy,does this bring back memories good and bad. Does not seem like it’s been 47 years ago we were there.

  • Bennie,
    Tuned back in just in time. I told my wife I was going to listen to an “online” radio station. Just sat down when you did the intro, and yes you pronounced my name correctly.
    I quick called my wife in and she was able to listen along with me to Gary Puckett singing “Home”.

  • Dave Hildebrand

    Memories………….. these are the ones I prefer. Thanks!!!!

  • Thanx for sharing the link to this fantabulous radio. I was with Operation Constant Guard in May of 72 out of Homestead FL, 31st Combat Support Group. One Song! A million memories! Thanx again!

  • This is GREAT!!!!
    I was with the 73rd Surveillance Airplane Company
    Vung Tau, south Vietnam
    10 January ’69 – 10 January ’70

  • Sweet…great idea for a music site. Semper Fi!

  • Benny I love this site. Thank you so much for all your time effort and money you put into this site. I ride a motorcycle and would love to have this station with me on my rides. I can stream to my radio form my phone but don’t know how to get it on my phone. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Thanks Rodney. You should be able to use the browser on your phone to go to http://vietnamvetradio.com

      This is the full web site, but when accessed by phones it redirects automatically to a mobile version of Vietnam Vet Radio. Try it and if you have problems email me.

  • Brings back some really good memories. Haven’t heard some of the songs for years. A time when music was great.

  • so glad to have found this station now when I choose to escape I have something to take with me 25th.div. Tay-Ninh

  • Thanks Man great site.

  • Great station. It’s about time we had one of our own.

  • Just found out about this station from a group I belong to. The Vietnam Veterans,The Forgotten Heroes. I like it so I book marked it so I can listen to it when ever I can.

  • Great music. I was with the 187th AHC, 269th CAB, 12th CAG, 1st Avn Bde, (plus other CAB’s and CAG’s) Apr 70-Feb 72, Tay Ninh and Dian, III Corps.

  • 214th CAB HHC BN S-1 Vinh Long MR IV Mekong Delta 1971.
    Celebrating 40 years of writing, recording & performing on behalf of VN vets & military families.

  • I have been listening to this all day and its great,i remember listening to the station in 67&68 when in base camps and 1`ve heard songs that I have`nt heard in a lot of years. Glad someone sent it to me.

  • great work , can we get Chris Noel for a guest spot. Chicken nan fan from down under

  • I don’t have any of the high tech stuff. Can’t you just put it on regular radio ?

  • Thanks ,to whomever started this ,I book marked so i can find it again

  • L/cpl john Locke

    Brings back some good, and also some bad memories, love it 3rd Marine Division TET OFFENSIVE 68 & 69

    • July 68 to Nov 18, 1968 I corps/Quang Tri HM3 FMF Purple Heart
      Welcome home and fare well in the time we have.

  • Just learned about this today. Great music.

  • Thanks Bennie, what unit were you with in ’70 at Long Binh? I was in Plantation, just the other side of 20th Repl Det. Unit was HHC, 12th Combat Aviation Group, 1st Aviation Brigade. Black Jack “6”.

    • At an ammo dump, have to look at the old records to get the unit, but it was with the 1st Log. HAWK missile tech pulling duty as a gate guard :)

  • Brings back the good along with the horror…but only heard music back at base camp on reel to reel tapes so now, nearly 50 years I can say the good has overtaken the bad and has all but shut it out. Semper Fi…

  • just found this site love it

  • Gary Alldredge

    Bennie, I hope the music I have sent is suitable. There is a lot more unless you object. Good luck on your venture into a radio station for old men.

  • Found this site posted to Vietnam Veterans Only. Have it bookmarked to stream in the background while I do other things on line. Love the music!

  • I just discovered this site; Mainstream Radio never plays the music we grew up on. Thanks to the Administrator of the site; Will be marked as one of my favorites.
    Served in Qui Nhon Vietnam with the 1098th Transportation Co. from Aug 67 to Jul 68

  • Bennie, this is great. We used to listen more to Hanoi Hannah simply because the signal was stronger up on the DMZ. Brings back lots of memories.

    • damn sure know what you mean. was kinda fun to hear of all the stuff that we lost.
      was the halftracks that i never did see.

  • Love/hate this site Brings back some good/bad memories.

  • Love the site – THANKS

  • I love this site and also the music brings back a lot of memories.

    • Great site. Thanks for sharing it Rupert. I listen to it as much as possible. The best music ever.

      Operation Frequent Wind – 1975

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